25 February, 2021

Here we are at the end of February already. Around this time last year I had just finished a school project, had a wee break in Budapest and attended a music education conference in London. It’s been quite different this year!

Most of my performance and school work is still on hold, but I’ve been really busy with online teaching and have welcomed a number of new students this year. I’ve also been busy preparing and recording sheet music for my online store – a big thank you to everyone who has bought my music! I’ve had messages from harpists in Spain, Ireland, Canada and across America – it’s lovely to make new connections and “meet” new people!

24 December, 2020

It’s been a much quieter December than usual without all my festive performances. I’ve played at three beautiful weddings in the last two weeks though, so even though it’s been quiet it has still been my busiest month of lockdown! It was so lovely to be out playing again – a wee glimpse of normality.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas, and all the best for 2021!