26 August, 2020

Another month of lockdown has passed! It has been really encouraging to see things starting to open up again and I’m hopeful that some of my work will be able to restart in the not too distant future. Some of my usual work projects that take place in schools and hospitals are still suspended. There are restrictions around weddings, though a few are starting to go ahead with limited numbers. I’m following the Musician’s Union guidance around private teaching and keeping all lessons online for the time being. Overall there are promising signs that things will start up again, it’s just a case of being patient now!

I guess in every situation there’s always a silver lining, and for me it’s having a bit more free time. I usually have a very hectic schedule of projects, teaching and events so it’s quite a novelty to have free weekends. I’ve been enjoying spending time with friends and family, and we had a lovely couple of nights away recently too. My house plants are the healthiest they’ve ever been as I’ve had much more time to tend to them, and I’ve added a few new ones to my collection too. I can’t wait to get back to work properly again, but in the meantime I’m going to try to make the most of this free time while I can!

27 July, 2020

After so long in lockdown, it’s great that restrictions are easing and things are starting to get back to normal. This should have been a really busy time for me with a fully-booked summer of weddings and events, though the majority of those have been postponed until 2021. I was delighted to play at a beautiful wedding on Saturday – the first for months! The ceremony took place with a limited number of guests and social distancing etc inside the church. I hope that more weddings will be able to go ahead in the next few months.

It’s been lovely to see friends and family more regularly and to be able to go a bit further afield. We had a lovely afternoon at the Scottish Owl Centre near Livingston the other weekend. It’s one of our favourite places for a day out and now that it has reopened we wanted to show our support by visiting. We’ve also booked a couple of nights away soon – I’m looking forward to a wee change of scenery!