23 November, 2020

It’s been a quick month since my last post, time is passing by so quickly. Usually around this time I’d be working on Christmas music, December is usually my busiest month of the year by far. I’m really going to miss all my usual festive gigs this year, it’s always such a lovely musical time of year! I’ve started working on Christmas music with all my wonderful harp pupils though, and I’ve also been playing a few of my favourites just for fun.

I’ve also been busy making recordings and writing out the sheet music for some of my original tunes and arrangements of traditional tunes. Something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time! Some of these are now available to buy via my Store page and I’ll be adding more music there regularly. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought my music so far. It’s so lovely to think that my music is being played by other harpists around the world. I hope you enjoy playing them!


21 October, 2020

Nearly two months have passed since my last post and nothing too much has changed! I’m still keeping hopeful that projects and performances will start to pick up soon, though I don’t think much will happen before early next year. In the meantime I’m focussing on my teaching work which has now been fully online since March. I’ve also been working on new compositions and arrangements for my harp learners and myself, it’s quite a luxury to have so much time to dedicate to that.

Some exciting news – I got a new harp the other day! Not for me though unfortunately, but still very exciting! I’m responsible for the Glasgow branch of the Clarsach Society’s harp hire scheme and we’ve just added another harp to our collection. I’ll give it a check over and get it all ready for its new home, it’s lovely to think it will be the start of a new player’s harp journey!