The romantic look and sound of the clarsach makes it an ideal instrument to provide a musical background to your special day. Light and easily transportable, the clarsach is suitable for many different types of venue, including those with limited space. For larger venues or weddings with over 100 guests, Ruth uses an amplifier to lift the volume of the clarsach. The pick-up microphone and amplifier she uses are specially designed for acoustic stringed instruments.

Ruth has performed at numerous weddings in different venues across Scotland, and her expertise and professionalism shines through at all stages from the initial consultation to the wedding day itself. Ruth is happy to chat to you about your ideas and any requirements that you may have.

Ruth can provide music for all parts of the day, as required, including:

Ruth has a wide and varied repertoire that includes traditional, classical and contemporary music. If you have a favourite song in mind that isn’t on her current repertoire list, she would be happy to arrange it for the clarsach if possible.